Kamran Mumtaz General Contractor in Charlotte NC

Kamran Mumtaz Fraud

Kamran Mumtaz is a general contractor in Charlotte and has been building under license number, 48324.

If you are thinking of hiring Kamran Mumtaz for any project don't do it.

Kamran is a fraud and a crook in so many ways you cannot even imagine.

He is going to cause you losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He will take 3 years to finish your project.

He takes on 6-7 projects at the same time with "cost plus supervision fees". He lies, cheats and skims money from every material order and from labor. He does not spend anytime supervising workers so the project is constantly in trouble with the inspectors.

He is shameless and fearless. He thinks there is no authority to check his fraud.

If you are already one of his victims file a complaint against him with NC Board of General Contractors. If you want to post your experience, send me an email using form below. Also, I can help you deal with him if you need help. There are attorneys and there is NC board of Contractors who can help. I am the owner of the banquet hall project in Charlotte, NC for which Kamran is the General Contractor in 2019.

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