Dream Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

The principal prospect of a newly engaged couple is to make their wedding a grand celebration. This encircles various preparatory questions. How to make your wedding reception decor an exceptional one? is one such important question.

A delightful marriage celebration contemplates an alluring decoration which adds style and wow factor to the venue. Magnificent entrance way, beautifully decorated reception halls, elegantly decorated with rows of flowers and candles… are all on the radar for the big day.
Here I have listed some phenomenal wedding reception decor ideas which will make your dream wedding an outstanding celebration.

Flower Decor Ideas:
1. For a magnificently romantic look limit floral to the crest of your canopy. Moreover, few miniature bunches of flowers tucked into the sides beautify it.
2. Placing two floral wreaths, half-arches of heart joining in the center of your aisle will be perfect for a modern glamorous look.
3. Adding a texture to your canopy with draped vines is a stunning option.
4. For a jaw-dropping effect, light a huge jar at the place of the ceremony.
5. Garlands gives a chic look to an outdoor reception.
6. Procure country feel by decorating the wedding aisle with petal.
7. For a beach ceremony pedestal filled with roses and billowing white fabric gives a perfect look.
8. Mix flowers to give a good texture to the arrangement. Reception halls in long island give a great combination of sunflowers, hydrangea and ferns which enhance the presentation.

Centerpiece Decor Ideas
1. A single solitary centerpiece is the most favored style.
2. For a classy feel, match the color of the centerpiece and the napkins on the table.
3. 2-3 centerpiece designs with completely different version creates a multifaceted reception look.
4. Symbol or a sign in place of the centerpiece with flowers adds to the glamor. For instance, crisscrossed orchid arrangements gives an elegant look to the beautifully decorated reception halls.
5. For the celebration in a garden, candelabra embellished with leaves, flowers and fruits are perfect.
6. A beautiful pearl chandelier gets back a bygone era.

Lighting Tricks
1. Towering crystal candle stands or huge lanterns add a stylish persona to a simple space.
2. Tree decorated with lighting gives uniqueness to the arrangement.
3. Flickering candles on the sides of the aisle accord a memorable romantic feel.
4. Candles lit-from-within the vase decorated with flowers from outside is a unique way.

Other Luxurious Reception ideas:
1. Beaded curtains decorated on the pathway gives a dramatic lead-up.
2. Traditional chandelier will never be out of fashion.
3. Family style long tables have become popular.
4. Long X-shaped tables adds a wow factor to the arrangement.
5. Paper pine wheels and giant balloons on the ceiling gives an impressive look.
6. For a rustic look use vintage chandelier ornamented with greenery. The reception halls in long island offer vintage epoch chandeliers which gives a retro look.
Suzan Hall is a content writer and a professional blogger and possesses a good knowledge of the wedding venues in Long Island. Her other interests include Wedding, Event planning and Design, Decoration, Party ideas, Cuisine, etc.

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