Charlotte NC Wedding Invitation Trends 2015

Wedding Inspiration in Charlotte NC

Moody Colors


Buck tradition-skip the white or ecru invitations and opt for something more colorful. A bold and moody palette has evolved in wedding paper with deep plum, dark navy and even black taking center stage. Jewel tones are a perfect choice for fall and winter weddings. Keep the look wedding appropriate (read: not too dark!) by adding a bit of brightness by way of ink color or a punch of metallic.

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Envelope Liners


You'd be hard-pressed to find a stationery designer who isn't having a little fun with envelope liners. This inner layer is the first thing guests will see when they excitedly tear open your invite. Liners are a great finishing touch and the perfect place to add fun design elements, like a sketch of the skyline, or a personal detail, like your wedding date. Pair with a colored envelope for really eye-catching mail.

Invitation by: Ceci New York

Calligraphy and Handwriting Inspired


Forget patterns and cute motifs - this trend is straight from the hand. Pretty penmanship, ornate calligraphy and fanciful flourishes are aplenty. Calligraphers are creating new, modern hands that feel totally fresh (this is not the calligraphy from your grandmother’s wedding invitation). Try the trend by having just your names hand-lettered.

Invitation by: Greenwich Letterpress



This subtle way of adding color to your paper has a delicate, romantic feel when fashioned in pastels, or a bold and wild vibe when brushed with bright hues. Choose something that suits your overall wedding style. Add the design to elements of your invitation suite, like the reply card or your envelope liner. Or make it the backing of your wedding invitation-traditional on the front, color party on the back.

Invitation by: Katie Fischer Design



Custom monograms-not the letter-locking designs of the past-are taking on a whole new look, with elements that are meaningful and representative of the to-be-weds. Steal this idea for everything, from your wedding invitations and cocktail napkins to personal stationery for after your “I dos.” If Will and Kate can have a crest, why not you?

Invitation by: Dempsey and Carroll

Graphic + Geometric Details


Facets, squares, triangles-you name it, it's being fashioned into a modern wedding invitation. Bold lines give correspondence a contemporary feel and a bit of edge. Mix the graphics with bright colors to create an eye-catching design. This trend is perfect for a pattern-loving couple or for a nontraditional celebration in a loft or gallery.

Invitation by: Cheree Berry



Orient your guests with a hand-drawn map of your hometown or chosen destination spot. Use the design for your save-the-dates to build excitement, or include cards in welcome bags highlighting area attractions. Add personal details to the map's design, like icons for your ceremony and reception locales. If you're a playful couple, take this trend one step further by creating an old-fashioned treasure map.

Invitation by: Regas

Gold Foil


It's hard to compete with this glitzy trend. Gold foil is popping up everywhere, from invitation text to small escort details. Be adventurous with a heavily patterned gold design, or use the technique to highlight your names or your wedding date. Silver foil is a close runner-up, and copper is not far behind. Consider mixing two metallic foils for a daring design.

Invitation by: Spark

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