Obtain Alcohol Permit for Wedding Party in Charlotte

A Limited Special Occasion Permit in Charlotte NC:

A limited special occasion permit authorizes the permittee to bring fortified wine and spirituous liquor onto the premises of a business, with the permission of the owner of that property, and to serve those alcoholic beverages to the permittee’s guests at a reception, wedding, party or other special occasion being held there. The permit may be issued to any individual other than the owner or possessor of the premises. An applicant for a limited special occasion permit shall have the written permission of the owner or possessor of the property on which the special occasion is to be held. Complete an Application for Limited Special Occasion Permit and submit with the $50 fee.

3 things to submit with the application
1- Submit a copy of your rental agreement or have authorized venue representative complete the lease information box
2- Submit the completed application, along with a cashier’s check or money order, to the ABC Commission
3- Must submit a certified copy of criminal record obtained from the county courthouse from which the individual resides


All this information is directly copied from http://www.abc.nc.gov website. Application form for “Limited Special Occasion Permit” can be found on ABC’s website.

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